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...Because it is the 21st century and it shouldn't take us ~200 years to solve the equation of gender equality. How can the world be a better place when half of the population's representation is missing from the decision making tables? So a group of data scientists from around the world decided to get together and work towards the cause. We will use data sets to change mindsets, to inform decision making, policies, programs, research and help close the gender gaps.

Meet The Team


To shine light on Gender Data. To analyze global gender indicators, map the indexes, write objective observations and build intuitive reports


To align our efforts with Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and provide a more wholistic, dynamic and 360 degree view on global gender inequality.


There are many but largely there are four:

1) To help programs, policy advice and decision making

2) To aid research work on gender

3) To encourage countries to go transparent with gender dis-aggregated data

4) To help close the global gender gaps

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Carol Au

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Carol is based in Hartford, Connecticut.  When she is not designing dashboards, you will find her in the kitchen (#CarolInTheKitchen), the barre studio or traveling the world. Her passion for gender equality began with realizing the gender based pay gap in her own life. She has worked on mapping the data to help close the gender pay gap in U.S.A before the predicted year, 2119.

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Claudia Carrone

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Claudia is based in Nice, France and is passionate about economic analysis. She works at the Pedagogical Innovation Laboratory at EDHEC Business School as a digital learning consultant. She believes that education makes a difference and the application of technology in education is key to developing individuals and creating a positive impact in the community while also mitigating inequalities.

Annie Agarwal

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Annie is passionate about big data, analytics and empowering women; she calls this mission her 'ikigai'. She has experience in big data, technology, research and analytics. She is an innovator, idea generator and collaborator. She is using her knowledge & expertise to help shape this platform. When not working or volunteering she loves to read and spend time with her pug 'Oreo' - he is a real stress buster.

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Chelsea Dascher

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Chelsea is based in Portland, Oregon and has an MSc in International Development from the University of Edinburgh. Her passions are to help close gender gaps, promote social inclusion, improve education, & encourage youth engagement through community-led programs. She also has experience in business development. On this platform, she brings her editorial and analytical skills to support gender data projects. 

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David Tran

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David is based in Ontario, Canada and is passionate about this cause. He has done great work mapping the gender inequality quadrant along with income inequality, he has also worked on gender empowerment. David will be working on mapping gender gaps with regards to economic jobs and growth.

Kimly Scott

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Kimly is based in Singapore and has come together to collaborate on gender project work. She has done great deal of work on mapping gender inequality and water, trafficking and equal measures 2030. Kimly has volunteered as a director to lead research on gaps in water, sanitation and effects of climate change on gender.

Ingrid Arreola

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Ingrid is based in Indiana; she has background in health informatics research, user experience design, and the intersection of technology to meet health needs. She is also the author of 2019 Indiana KIDS COUNT data book. She is an adaptable, curious, and a persistent leader with nonprofit and international development experience. She is passionate about using her expertise in data science to empower leaders to make data-driven decisions.

Lutheria Peters

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Lutheria is based in Washington D.C. and has a PhD in public policy from George Mason University. She is also pursuing a degree in Data Science. Lutheria is excited about being a data scientist with the Gender and Big Data Volunteer Team because it connects her to strong historically underrepresented scholars and youth seeking to make the world a better place! 

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Ayesha Bhimdiwala

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Ayesha is based in Bloomington, Indiana. She is keen on integrating her technical skills to address social challenges. She has worked in higher education, K-8, and market data analytics. She brings her Statistical and Applied Machine Learning skills to the team and is passionate about restoring the balance of women's contribution to the workforce and the education sector. 

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Edward Sleva

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Ed is based in Raleigh, NC. He brings over 16 years of experience as a software developer and a background in theoretical physics to 360ImpactData.Org. He is enthusiastic about applying his quantitative and development skills to the important social justice issue of gender inequality. He is currently working on Gender Empowerment & Economic Jobs and Growth

Nick Walker

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Nick is originally from Connecticut and moved to Washington DC after finishing his undergrad in 2017. He is currently a data scientist working with the National Institute of Health (NIH). He is passionate about Machine Learning & AI and using data for social good. He is excited to do gender research work in water & sanitation and climate change. In his free time, Nick loves to cook, travel, exercise and practice his salsa moves!

Marta Squadrito

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Marta is from Italy currently pursuing her PhD at the Wilder School of Public Administration at VCU in Virginia.

She is a critical thinker, driven by curiosity. She is passionate about diversity and inclusion affecting workplace dynamics and policies specifically affecting women and underrepresented or minority groups. She will be working on mapping gender equality in workplace globally.


Julia Rakas

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Julie is an undergraduate at the University of Michigan majoring in math and physics with a minor in English. She became interested in promoting female representation in STEM fields after realizing she was one of three girls in her high school engineering class. She is hopes to use her skills & expertise to reduce social inequalities. In her free time she enjoys reading, writing, cooking and hanging out with her friends and family.

Vivian Weijia Shi

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Vivian is a MPhil student in Engineering for Sustainable Development at Cambridge University. Her first work experience in Oil & Gas sector; and the contrast of air quality between Shanghai and Montreal urged her to question the role of a responsible engineer. She is interested in the socio-cultural implications of sustainable consumption and production. Through this platform, she hopes to explore the relationship between this SDG and gender equality, as vulnerable populations disproportionately bear the cost of waste and pollution.

Marissa Strniste

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Marissa is based in New York City and is passionate about leveraging data for social impact. She wants to use her skills in statistics and data analysis to bridge the gender data gap. Marissa has previously worked in monitoring, evaluation, and learning; co-created a custom index to measure women's empowerment; and served as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Paraguay and Costa Rica.

Lorraine Tamburrino

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Lorraine has over 10 years of experience working in marketing strategy. She has worked with Fortune 500 companies focusing on Latin American markets. She has also worked as a Lecturer for Graduate programs in Applied and Audience Analytics for Columbia University, Florida International University and the University of Florida. Lorraine is driven to help others bridge the gap between producing actionable insights.

Her favorite data viz tools are: Tableau and a notebook with colored pencils.

Yifei Wang

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Yifei is based in Washington D.C. currently pursuing a Ph.D. in Information Systems at the University of Maryland Smith School of Business. She has experience working as quantitative research consultant and data scientist and passionate about bringing her expertise in data visualization and analytics to gender education and economic growth. In her free time, Yifei is a concert pianist and sometimes likes to go for competitive runs.

Victoria Ryan

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Vickie is based in Washington, DC. She is passionate about leveraging data insights to achieve social impact. She has a background in impact evaluation, analytics and consulting and enjoys using these skills to tell stories and inspire action around gender equality, public health and economic empowerment. She spends her free time hiking in the mountains, rock climbing and practicing yoga.

Qinya Chen

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Qinya is a M.S.in  Information System program from Johns Hopkins Carey Business School. When pursuing her first master’s degree (in marketing), Qinya worked as a Product Marketing Analyst Intern in iTalkBB Global Communication, assisting marketing campaigns with data analytics. Qinya is a passionate data analyst with ability to develop research and analysis project under various backgrounds. In her spare time, Qinya enjoys travelling, working-out and outdoors activities.

Navnina Bhatia

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Navnina is based in the Washington D.C area. She has a Ph.D. in Image Processing and Masters in Nuclear Physics. She has worked in the Pasteur Institute and the French Atomic Energy Commission in Paris, France for nearly 7 years. She brings in her experience of Research, Machine Learning, and Algorithm Development to the team. She is passionate about using her skills in Data Science for social impact. She believes in the advancement of women and promoting gender equality at the level of decision making

Divya Gupta

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Divya  is passionate about the environment, children and education. She is excited about using her data analysis skills to make a positive impact in communities around her and  the World. She is based in Northern Virginia. She loves traveling and spending time with family and friends.