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Daniel - U.S.A

...We  found your approach to be innovative and powerful in communicating a story on women empowerment and gender equality. 

Rachana - INDIA

...I find the work that your team is doing quite inspiring and would like to stay connected. 

Patience - U.S.A

...I was moved and inspired by your passion and drive for social justice. As I mentioned, I work with the "little" people in rural  and poor communities and the  policies and actions really affect lives in these areas.

Lillian - U.S.A’s to many more opportunities like this & continued movement on gender equality!


...I find your work both inspiring and highly motivational. Amazing job! I only wish to implement the same level of data analytics ubiquity and success in countries such as Argentina who are facing an economic crisis.

Djemila - SWITZRELAND mentioned being able to provide data showing how  SDG 5 impact each of the other  SDGs. This is gold!  Having the data to substantiate the argument on the impact of gender equality would be priceless :-) 


...this sounds absolutely wonderful and perfectly aligned as well as complementary to where we stand!  This could be an interesting prototype that can then be of inspiration for other locations where policy change is slow.

Sindhu - INDIA

...Interesting, India comes under 'Low' level and needs to work a lot. The national averages distract us from going into specifics and seeing the real situation. ' Leaving no one behind' continues to be a far dream.

Shilpa - INDIA

...I wanted to let you know this is informative and very impressive. And coming from India, having the knowledge of the existing problems and also, at times facing it first hand, I could completely relate to the analysis. Your findings truly inspired me .

Sophia - U.S.A colleagues and I are very taken by your clear and well-designed approach. We are in the early process of doing the same thing for our work and we would love to meet, chat with you

Avishan - U.S.A

...excellent work, I am working on a similar dashboard supporting Peacekeeping Gender Unit  for UN to monitor gender mainstreaming across all peacekeeping missions

Niru - INDIA

...this is  great work ! Thank you so much for sharing. I will share this data in my upcoming workshops especially with CEOs of large companies where the Leadership intent will make a big difference.

Sheetal - INDIA

...I am from India, one of the major concerns here is Safety. We have many women breaking stereotypes everyday,; we have large percentage of girls and women in cities and villages who either do not have access to education or drop out of workforce because of the expectations society and family has from women.

Jeremy - U.S.A

...Inspiring work! Thrilled to see you take on the mission of #DoGoodData!


...the problem in my country is  very high level of corruption, thus not giving competence the place it deserves and the god father syndrome and bribery being the order of the day. 

Winnie - Dem. Rep. of CONGO

...Generally in my country, DRC, the main barriers to reach gender equality remain Culture and lack of awareness which can contribute to ameliorate understanding of gender equality in communities. The paternal culture encourage those inequality.

Florence - KENYA Kenya poverty lies in rural areas where women are never reached on a serious note by the Government.

Katja - U.S.A

...I wish you all the best with the project and look very much forward to following your work.

Lourdes - BOLIVIA

...Es un tema muy complejo ya que si bien es cierto hemos avanzado en los derechos de las mujeres pero seguimos con altos indices de violencia y ni que decir en la participacion politica.

Linda - U.S.A

...super excited to see more use of data analytics for social issues!

Natalie - AUSTRALIA seeing data being used for such important causes! :D

Alexandra - U.S.A

...thanks for the presentation and keep up the good work.

Nadia - U.S.A it, using data sets to change mind sets!

Serpil - U.S.A

...this is eye opening , showing how acute the problem is in some countries.