Meet our directors a.k.a. the sherpas who will help us climb the summit. What do our directors do? They help guide and facilitate the team-work. They are a mix of experts from data science, project management, gender, economics, technology, policy analysis and consulting fields. They are collaborators, innovators and practice an inclusive, wholistic leadership style. Current directors commit to one year term. The directors work over specific areas of interest to close the gender gap for example: indicators, indexes, countries or regions. They also roll up their sleeves to contribute, help write reports and brainstorm to come up with effective analysis or solutions. They help keep the non-profit focused on its mission, vision and goals.


Shivam Negi

Shivam will be using his expertise in Data Science, AI, Machine Learning & Public Policy to lead and collaborate gender research work for India

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Annie Agarwal

Annie will be using her expertise in data governance, big data, analytics, economics, psychology and sociology to collaborate gender research work globally and for India

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Kimly Scott

Kimly is passionate about data analytics and gender as a topic. She will be leading work with regards to how Water & Sanitation affects Gender Inequality

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