The Reykjavik Index for Leadership highlights the G7 countries perception of women in leadership

The Reykjavik Index for Leadership was created to determine our progress in the journey for equality between women and men. This focuses on the G7 countries, the seven largest economies in the world, measuring the extent to which men and women are viewed equally in terms of being suitable for positions of power. The index runs from 0-100, a score of 100 indicates complete agreement that men and women are equally suited for leadership in all sectors. The question answered is “For each of the following sectors or industries, do you think men or women are better suited to leadership positions?”

Main Findings:

  • The Reykjavik Index for Leadership for the G7 is 66.

  • Top countries are UK (72), France (71), Canada (71), and United States (70). Bottom countries are Italy (57), Germany (59), and Japan (61).

  • Throughout the G7, and in each individual country, the index is higher for women (67), than it is for men (61) this indicates that women are more likely to view women and men as equally suitable for leadership roles.

The Reykjavik Index for Leadership clarifies attitudes towards women in leadership and highlights the journey towards seeing complete acceptance of men and women in leadership roles.

View more of the results below, the interactive dashboard is here.

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